Sunday, September 9, 2018




We have just finished moving things around here at Fabrics4u2 and discovered we need to make more room for the new fabrics and stock arriving.  It just doesn't fit in anymore.

We are about to issue our latest newsletter with discount codes in it so keep an eye out for this. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet then now would be a great time to do this.  With so much fabric in stock we need to sell some of it off NOW!  

We have chenille by the bolt on sale now, at nearly half the price of regular retail and some great colours to choose from.  If you are making handmade items for a market or shop, the chenille is great for baby quilts, swim bags and clothes.

This lilac coloured wave chenille makes a gorgeous baby quilt backing or a raggy quilt and is available on sale by the 10m bolt or by the half yard.  We also have bright red, bright blue and royal purple available by the 10m bolt.  Be quick though as we have very limited stock and the sale will only be for a few days on these items.  

These are the last two quilts we made out of the chenille fabric added with coordinating pretty flannel fabrics. These quilts look so good yet they are so easy to make.  Perfect for a handmade gift for a new baby.

If you want any tips on shaggy quilts just leave us a comment below.  We have made these from many fabrics and depending on what you use you can bat them for freezing climates or make them lightweight for the stroller in summer.  They always seem to look amazing too!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Fabrics4u2 Stock Arrivals

Its been too long since my last blog post but after the Brisbane Craft show I needed a break.  Now I am back into things and have a lovely tidy stock room and some great new stock.  Doesn't it look great.

I can actually find things now.  I still have a few (quite a few) bins of offcuts to go through though and the other half of the stock room you cant see in the picture and so there will be lots going up on the website for sale or maybe even a sale on my FB page.  Sign up on the newsletter for updates on this over the next few weeks.

Since the show we have had some new arrivals.  These beautiful lacy zips are the latest addition to our range.  They are called lace edged zips and come in two sizes in a multitude of colours.  We just had our second shipment arrive in and they are already half gone.  These zips are so easy to put in as they are meant to be seen so no ghastly turns or seams to work out.  

They are perfect for bags, dresses, skirts, decorating pockets etc.  The zips are available in a 25cm and 30cm lengths.  They will be added to our website in the next few days.

Another new arrival are these amazing animal fabrics.  My favourite is the monkey.  He has the same personality as our 7 year old!

These are from the Zany Zoo range of fabrics which are available right now on the website here!

We are working on a tutorial for our next post which will be up this week just in time to have some Christmas fun with the kids.  Have a great week everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fabrics4u2 are going to the .... Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair

FABRICS4u2 will be off to the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair in 2 weeks.

We are right in the middle of planning at the moment preparing toy kits, quilt kits, bag kits, new clothing samples and of course new fabrics.

We ordered in some of the lovely Moda, Miss Kate fabrics which we thought were perfect for some of our bags and little dresses. 

 I love the aqua ones and this one will be used for our Foxy Kit.  Just need to find time to make the sample up now.  

Our toy and bag kits are so great to use. They include all the bits and pieces you need to start the project including fabric, eyes, felt etc.  They are great for beginners too and you get to see the results relatively quickly.  Here is one of the bag kits made from Moda fabric. Miss Kate in navy and lime green. 

This bag was so easy and it came out so well.  So versatile too. I have seen it in many different fabrics and it always looks great.  Perhaps I will make one each for all the girls in the family for Christmas!

We would love to know if you are going to the show as we will be running daily specials on items also.  Some only lasting for an hour of a day but they will be great specials!  Details will be here on the blog, FB and on the website!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Raspberry Parlour Range by Riley Blake has ARRIVED!

The long awaited gorgeous range by Sue Daley for Riley Blake is here!

Beautiful muted tones of pink, creams and reds, it is a perfect range for a little girls bedroom, quilts, dresses and decor.

I am going to make one of these little dresses out of it

And maybe some matching ruffle bloomers.

Here are some pictures of this gorgeous range

I am adding it to the website as I type so you can check here to see all 21 fabrics from the range.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Finally ... I got my Newsletter Link working

I have spent the best part of the last few days titivating my website. 

Moving borders, updating photos and words and yesterday I added the code to allow people to sign up automatically to my newsletter directly on the website.

Subscribe to our mailing list

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All rather exciting at Fabrics4u2 HQ. 

I even learnt what a 'Favicon' was and added mine 

Can you see it??? 

Then I got a bit of a bug and had to add the newsletter signup to this Blog, yes that's right, there is a tab at the top which  will take you directly to our newsletter signup. Too easy! and then I had to add one on FB as well.  

You know the more you mess around with the website code the more you start to understand what affects what, but ONE BIG TIP ....
so if you mess up you can go back and start again. Just pop it into a word document. It is actually easier to read in there anyway and you can make copies of what you updated and that way see what you need to reverse.

I hope my inexperience is of some help to someone. Does anyone else have any tips for me? I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Very First Blog Post

What do you blog about the first time?  I  have no idea so I thought I would share what arrived in the mail for me today.  My brand new samples of my new Toy Kits.

So excited to have these made up in my chosen fabrics ready for the Craft and Quilt Fair in Brisbane in a few weeks.

I had three made up to join the animal zoo forming at my workshop.

The first one and my favourite is the bulldog.

Isn't he great.  He will be available at the show in a kit which contains everything but the stuffing and the thread and hard work.

I also had a gorgeous little kitten made all in pink.

and lastly a very cool dragon.  Don't you love the greens.

All these animals will be available in kits in these great fabrics as soon as all the parts arrive here and are packaged up.  In the meantime I have lots of great patterns available on the website that you can use to get you started and so many fabrics I can't keep up with listing them all.

I  hope you enjoy checking out my website and seeing my blog posts. You can also find me on Facebook and Instragram.

I would love to hear what you think of my new samples if you want to add a comment below.